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Above is an excerpt from the novel I have been working on over the last 6-7 years. My research career does not allow me to dedicate as much as time as I want to but I get to mess around with it every now and then and will put more effort towards it as my schedule becomes more forgiving.

The story is set on the war-torn continent of Arabath. The Arunian Empire, a theocratic body of three large nations, is moving to conquer the last free lands on the continent from the hands of the mysterious and enigmatic Kaldan. The son of the Kaldan sagamore, Ronir, returns from the risvel, or walk of awakening, to find his people involved in a bloody war and his father taken captive by the Arunian forces. the young Ronir must learn to guide his people at their time of need or lead them to their destruction.

The continent of Arabath is full of fascinating creatures and races. Some are depicted below, courtesy of the book’s illustrator, Jesus Gomez. Please feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think of the story thus far. I will try to answer questions if I can and will try to update this page regularly.

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