Science Education

Scientists broaden our understanding of the natural world everyday. However, another role of scientists that is too often forgotten or overlooked, is to educate others. Below are some of the programs and activities I have been involved in to fulfill that role.

Teaching Assistant

As a Teaching Assistant at Kansas State University, I had the opportunity to teach two courses: the R User Group from 2015-2016, a group that teaches core principles of R to new users and a course entitled “Insects and People” in the Fall of 2016. “Insects and People” focused on core principles of insect biology, physiology, evolution, and the interactions with insects and people. These interactions included how insects currently affect, and have affected, agriculture, history, faith, and pop culture.

GK-12 Science Outreach Educator

From 2012-2014, I taught science classes in inner-city Philadelphia as a GK-12 Teaching Fellow in a program, Geokids LINKS. The program is a collaboration between GK-12, Saint Joseph’s University, and the Wagner Free Institute of Science of Philadelphia that teaches science enrichment classes to grade school students enrolled in Philadelphia’s public school system.

SNAP Educator

SNAP or Science, Nature, and Art in Philadelphia, is a program stemming from the Wagner Free Institute of Science, for 6th through 8th graders than focuses on preparing students for science and mathematics courses in high school. As a SNAP educator from 2012-2014, I taught a number of science and mathematics courses in Philadelphia public schools to instill the importance of STEM and encourage students to pursue STEM career paths.

Noyce Intern

The Philadelphia Summer Bridge Program was a series of courses I co-taught as a Noyce Intern over the summer of 2010 to Philadelphia public school students on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania. It was a collaboration between the University of Pennsylvania, Saint Joseph’s University, and the Philadelphia School District that focused on preparing public school students, transitioning from grade school to high school, in the sciences and mathematics.

Featured Columnist – “Practical Science with Phil Freda”

Below are science articles that I wrote between 2012 and 2013  as featured columnist for’s Upper Moreland, Pennsylvania site. is a hyper-local online new source.  Click on the links below and have a read. Please feel free to comment below.

They can also be found online at

1.) When the Earth wiper her slate clean … again and again and again and …

2.) The Theory of Evolution Made Simple

3.) A Cure for HIV/AIDS

4.) Plants: Our Silent Overlords

5.) The Unified Forces of the Universe

6.) Is it a bird, a plane – no, it’s … a supernova?

7.) Resurrecting the dead: A second chance for the woolly mammoth?

8.) The science behind regenerative medicine

9.) The Incredible, Edible, Floating Egg!

10.) Chernobyl Aftermath – Life Always Finds a Way

11.) Symbiosis – Perfect Match of Fatal Attraction?

12.) A World within a World: The Rise of the Prokaryotes

13.) The Secrets of DNA

14.) Einstein and the Relativity of Time

15.) Biology’s Record Setters

16.) Gregor Mendel: “The Father of Modern Genetics”

17.) Regenerative Medicine Update: First “Proto-Eye” Grown in Lab

18.) The Science Behind Black Holes

19.) A New Revolution in Medicine: What “Bacteria Type” Are You?

20.) Why Do We Sleep?

21.) Our Ever-Changing World: The Theory of Plate Tectonics

22.) How It Works: Photosynthesis

23.) Biology’s Most Amazing Lists: Lethal Venoms and Deadly Chemicals

24.) Biology’s Most Amazing Lists: The Top 10 New Species of 2011

25.) Water, Water Everywhere, But Not a Drop to Spare

26.) It Hertz When It Bytes

27.) Biology’s Amazing Processes: Bioluminescence

28.) Nature’s Wonders: Caves

29.) Biology’s Amazing Processes: Echolocation

30.) NASA Travels Into the Great Unknown

31.) Fruits of Evolution: Whales

32.) Biology’s Amazing Processes: Migration

33.) A Tale of Two Theories

34.) Is there No More Room for God?

35.) Practical Science Profiles: The Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust

36.) A Cure for Leukemia?

37.) Fruits of Evolution: Birds

38.) Gesundheit! Yes, It’s Allergy Season Again

39.) Haiti’s Diverse Ecosystems in Peril

40.) How Scientists May Save Cats from FIV

41.) Practical Science Profiles: Edward O. Wilson

42.) Autumn ‘Leaves’

43.) Gobble, Gobble, Zzzz…

44.) How it Works: Global Climate Change

45.) The Science of Snow

46.) Breaking the Habit on Breaking New Year’s Resolutions

47.) The Search for Other Earths

Practical Science Videos:

The Incredible, Edible, Floating Egg!

Global Climate Change with Dr. Clint Springer, Professor of Biology at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.

Practical Science Profiles: The Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust (PERT)

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