Below are science articles that I wrote between 2012 and 2013 for’s Upper Moreland, Pennsylvania site. Unfortunately, Patch, a hyper-local online new source, is no longer. Fortunately, I saved many of the articles that I wrote during my brief tenure as a contributor. Click on the links below and have a read. Please feel free to comment below.
– Phil


1.) When the Earth wiper her slate clean … again and again and again and …
2.) The Theory of Evolution Made Simple
3.) A Cure for HIV/AIDS
4.) Plants: Our Silent Overlords
5.) The Unified Forces of the Universe
6.) Is it a bird, a plane – no, it’s … a supernova?
7.) Resurrecting the dead: A second chance for the woolly mammoth?
8.) The science behind regenerative medicine
9.) The Incredible, Edible, Floating Egg!
10.) Chernobyl Aftermath – Life Always Finds a Way
11.) Symbiosis – Perfect Match of Fatal Attraction?
12.) A World within a World: The Rise of the Prokaryotes
13.) The Secrets of DNA
14.) Einstein and the Relativity of Time
15.) Biology’s Record Setters
16.) Gregor Mendel: “The Father of Modern Genetics”
17.) Regenerative Medicine Update: First “Proto-Eye” Grown in Lab
18.) The Science Behind Black Holes
19.) A New Revolution in Medicine: What “Bacteria Type” Are You?
20.) Why Do We Sleep?
21.) Our Ever-Changing World: The Theory of Plate Tectonics
22.) How It Works: Photosynthesis
23.) Biology’s Most Amazing Lists: Lethal Venoms and Deadly Chemicals
24.) Biology’s Most Amazing Lists: The Top 10 New Species of 2011
25.) Water, Water Everywhere, But Not a Drop to Spare
26.) It Hertz When It Bytes
27.) Biology’s Amazing Processes: Bioluminescence
28.) Nature’s Wonders: Caves
29.) Biology’s Amazing Processes: Echolocation
30.) NASA Travels Into the Great Unknown
31.) Fruits of Evolution: Whales
32.) Biology’s Amazing Processes: Migration
33.) A Tale of Two Theories
34.) Is there No More Room for God?
35.) Practical Science Profiles: The Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust
36.) A Cure for Leukemia?
37.) Fruits of Evolution: Birds
38.) Gesundheit! Yes, It’s Allergy Season Again
39.) Haiti’s Diverse Ecosystems in Peril
40.) How Scientists May Save Cats from FIV
41.) Practical Science Profiles: Edward O. Wilson
42.) Autumn ‘Leaves’
43.) Gobble, Gobble, Zzzz…
44.) How it Works: Global Climate Change
45.) The Science of Snow
46.) Breaking the Habit on Breaking New Year’s Resolutions
47.) The Search for Other Earths

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